Preventing lug nut loss, wheel damage and potential wheel loss by securing the lug nuts together. Wheel lug nut can loosen as a redult of temperature change as well as wheel vibation. ZAMLOK is an innovative, new product that uses the resistence between 2 nuts to minimize their ability to rotate and loosen with indication.

Tested for severe vibration/ weather condition from -40C to +50C. Designed to be used on wheel lug nuts from 33m on 3.5” stud center. Flexible and easy to install, fits over 2 adjacent nuts. Field tested at high and low rotation levels.

Our Guarantee

Provides a clear visual check of all lug nuts
Economical to outfit commercial vehicles
Re-usable on replacement wheels
Reduces the need to replace lug nuts
Reduces risk of wheel damage
Reduces risk of wheel loss and potential liability for personal injury.
Reduces risk of loss of life and or propery damage
Available in custom colous (min. order applies)